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August 17th, 2016 by Kathryn Carroll

Now that we have passed the mid-point in August, I wonder if those of you with school children are beginning to feel the dynamic pull toward something new. I remember the last sweet days before my son’s first day of pre-school. We made a point of taking spontaneous family day trips and little NY adventures: to the top of the Twin Towers, to the Bronx Zoo, to the beach… Those memories might not have become quite so poignant except that this was early September, 2001. We all have experiences, big and small, with which we mark time. Some of these “before and afters” are personal, private. Others are shared. None are identical or comparable. The common hinge is change.

Our stories for this week, The Lost Sheep and The Bent-over Woman got me thinking about change; probably not an obvious theme for these two stories. Admittedly, it was an unexpected connection. Yes, “unexpected” seems so often to be the agent of the most profound change. And it is in these surprising pivots that God is nearly impossible to ignore. The gospels constantly remind us that the Messiah who was long expected was not exactly the humble carpenter who showed up and changed the world.

Peace be with you,

Kathryn Carroll

Kathryn Carroll is Director of Christ Church's Children and Families Ministry