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Growing at Christ Church

“We seek to love God above all things and our neighbors as ourselves” is not only our church’s mission, it is the mission of a lifetime. In order to fully live this mission, and to understand its claims on our lives, we must grow in our understanding of God, of our neighbor, and of what it means to be in Christian community.

At the heart of our work is fostering this growth – growth in love, growth in knowledge, growth in service, growth in community. From our youngest members and friends, to those who just recently decided to explore the Christian life, to those who have spent a lifetime in the church, our hope is to create environments, occasions and opportunities where people learn the richness of our tradition, ask honest searching questions and find in one another fellow companions on the journey of life and faith.

On these pages, you will find opportunities for spiritual growth for children, youth, and adults. As you click the links to each section, we hope that you will sense not only our passion for and commitment to growth, but also find ways to become a part of it. In doing so, you will enrich our shared life with your prayers, your presence, your gifts and your service.