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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction does not try to fix or solve problems but explores where God is in the midst of our lives as we live out our spiritual journey.

At Christ Church, your spiritual life is very important to us, which is why we offer Spiritual Direction.

What is Spiritual Direction?  Spiritual direction creates a space for a seeker to explore his/her spiritual journey with a trained guide, and to discern God’s movements in one’s life.

Is Spiritual Direction for me?  If you feel you are on the spiritual path and would like to go deeper into friendship with God, or if you are simply searching for God in your life, spiritual direction might be for you.

When might Spiritual Direction be appropriate?  If you find yourself longing for something more, experiencing a transition, discerning important choices, feeling stuck in your prayer life, seeking to go “deeper” but don’t quite know how, spiritual direction might be helpful.

How is it different from psychotherapy and pastoral counseling?  Gerald May, psychiatrist and spiritual director says, “It is the function of therapists to help patients solve problems” but the function of the spiritual director is “to attend to God’s power, love, and grace in the directee’s situation.”

If you would like to find out more about spiritual direction and/or schedule an appointment, please contact Brian Pinter, Director of Spiritual Formation at Christ Church, at brian@christchurchnyc.org.

Spiritual director, Brian Pinter, has many years of experience with spiritual direction and is currently completing a certificate program in this ministry through Fairfield University. Brian has degrees in theology from St. Joseph’s Univerity, Fordham University, and has studied at the General Theological Seminary.