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History and Mission

Christ Church Day School

Our Mission

The School’s mission is to offer the best early childhood learning environment possible—one that embraces all aspects of each child’s growth in a thoughtful and enlightened manner based on values that support a child’s developing emotional, social, cognitive, artistic, physical and spiritual self.

Our History

A Proud Legacy

Christ Church Day School (CCDS) came to life in 1949 with one class of 15 children and an annual tuition of $250. Established by members of Christ Church United Methodist, the school was seen as fulfilling both the needs of families within the church and the larger needs of the families with children in the New York City community. Since that time, CCDS has grown in size and stature and is now one of the oldest and most venerated early childhood programs in New York City. As the school approaches its 7th decade, we are proud of the legacy that serves us to this day—a legacy founded on the belief that early childhood experiences for young children are formative in the most profound ways possible. At this age, children go through many “firsts” that become the blueprints for how they will learn and function in future school and life settings. When these first school encounters take place in a supportive and knowledgeable community of fine teachers and caring families, thousands of moments of discovery, imagination, creativity and learning will blossom in the children we attentively serve.