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Flor Del Campo, Cartagena, Colombia

ColombiaGroup_Good copyFor the past several years, Christ Church has been engaged in a unique partnership with the Iglesia Colombiana Metodista, the autonomous Methodist church in Colombia. Working with the conference and its leader, Bishop Juan Alberto Cardona Gomez, Christ Church has partnered to build a new congregation in one of the poorest regions of Cartagena, Colombia.

Christ Church continues to support Iglesia Esperanza y Fe and their various ministries in their community. The Flor del Campo area of Cartagena, where the church is located, is composed of government housing developed for refugees from the narco-paramilitary conflicts and natural disasters. The people are consequently displaced and in need of support and care.

In addition to the worshiping community, Christ Church has also launched Banco Responsibles, a micro-fiance program providing small loans to growing businesses. Most of the clients of Banco Responsibles are receiving loans for the first time and using the funds to take the next step in their business.

Our next trip will be planned in the near future.  As future trips are planned, details will be posted here.