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Adult Education

Our busy lives often make it difficult to create free time and space for maintaining our relationship with God. When that happens we find ourselves running on empty, trying to steady our own course against life's challenges.

Adult Education

A variety of classes and educational opportunities have been scheduled to enhance your spiritual journey and help you experience God’s presence and guidance. Additional offerings will be added throughout the year. Why not create space where the life of God in you can be nurtured and brought to fruition and take advantage of these opportunities?

The Prophets II – Adult Forum

Every Sunday. The prophets embody a period of “growing up” for ancient Israel, for through the prophetic voice we hear self-critique and self-reflection – sure signs of maturing theology and spirituality.  The prophets offer not only criticism but also an alternative vision for what the world can be, a vision that is God’s dream for the world. Our meetings will resume where our studies left off last winter with a discussion of the prophetic texts of Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and second Isaiah.  Each class will be a stand-alone presentation so feel welcome to join us any Sunday.

Each class is a stand-alone presentation so feel welcome to join any Sunday. For further information and resources, visit the Adult Education Blog.

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Religion in America – Adult Education Lecture Series

Religion is one of the most influential factors in national and world events, yet we Americans are infamous for our religious illiteracy.

Our presentations and discussions will explore religious traditions which have been shaped by and are shaping American culture and history. Each session will examine a religious tradition’s history and core teachings. Our topics will include Islam, Buddhism, The Amish, Latter Day Saints, Catholicism, and Judaism.  Through our studies and discussions, we hope to improve our religious literacy and discern how we might thoughtfully respond to the gifts and challenges presented by the contemporary religious scene.

Each class is a stand-alone presentation, so feel welcome to join any Sunday.

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For additional information or inquiries please contact Brian Pinter.