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Adult Education

Our busy lives often make it difficult to create free time and space for maintaining our relationship with God. When that happens we find ourselves running on empty, trying to steady our own course against life's challenges.

Adult Education

A variety of classes and educational opportunities have been scheduled to enhance your spiritual journey and help you experience God’s presence and guidance. Additional offerings are added throughout the year. Why not create space where the life of God in you can be nurtured and brought to fruition?

Fall 2018 Adult Forum

God’s Command to Speak Out
Sundays, 9:45 a.m., Woolverton Room – 4th Floor
September 9th – December 16th

In the Bible stories, there are kinds of silence – the silence of prayer, of awe, of fear.   There is also a coerced, imposed silence.  And there are courageous voices that break that oppressive silence, that intrude on the powerful, resisting the domination of a single voice.  Our meetings will explore the stories of Moses, the prophet Amos, and others who spoke up. Together we will contemplate what their examples have to teach us and how they might inspire us to action today.  Each course will be a stand-alone presentation so feel welcome to join us any Sunday.

Winter 2019 Adult Forum

The Prophet Ezekiel
Sundays, 9:45 a.m., Woolverton Room – 4th Floor
January 6th – February 24th

Religion in America Lecture Series

January 27th – “The Spirituality of the Lenape, The First New Yorkers”
February 10th – “What is ISIS?”
March 3rd – “Jewish Christian Dialogue” with Profs. Mary Boys and Shuly Rubin Schwartz


February 23rd – “Caring for the Caregiver” Day Retreat


Grow on the go by listening to our podcasts offered by Brian Pinter, Education Associate.

For additional information or inquiries please contact Brian Pinter.