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Volunteer at Christ Church

Because Christ Church is a growing, active, dynamic congregation in the heart of New York City, it takes many people to make its ministries possible. While there are plentiful opportunities for service to others beyond the church, we also have a need for service to the church. Below you will find a wide range of ways you can be involved in supporting the work of Christ Church by volunteering your time and talents. This form of service is also a great way to meet many of the wonderful people who make up the Christ Church family.


Ushering is one of the most important Sunday morning volunteer activities.  Please consider being an usher one Sunday per month.  Couples and friends can sign up to serve together. The importance of ushers is growing as the size of our worship service grows.  This is the perfect opportunity for new members, for it offers the chance to say hello to everyone and for everyone to say hello to you!

Altar Guild

Volunteers are needed once a month to help prepare the altar, light candles, and make other necessary worship arrangements.

Bake Communion Bread

Christ Church makes a special effort to bake its own communion bread.  This is a great task for families and individuals in small groups.  Pick up all the supplies and recipe from church, then deliver the bread to church to be used at all of the communion services for the month.

Teach Sunday School

Our time with the children is experiential, instructive, and tailored to each child’s level of readiness and ability.  We celebrate their young, unobstructed capacity to love and be loved by facilitating their articulation of these gifts in our Sunday School lessons and activities.

Music Ministry

Learn more about volunteering in the Music Ministry

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