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Lenten Reflections – Repentance – Day 27

March 27th, 2017 by Admin

Liza Horstman

I’ve always thought that I was pretty good at repenting.  I have almost no trouble realizing when I am rude to one of my neighbors, or when I place more importance on material things than on my relationship with God.  I even tend to beat myself up over these sins.

But in all honesty, I have come to realize that I only ever acknowledge these sins in my head.  I rarely (if ever) clearly admit these sins to God.  In fact, I don’t think that I differentiate between talking to myself and talking to God. I can acknowledge to myself that I probably shouldn’t get so angry with my fellow subway passengers.  But do I ever actually sit down and clearly tell God of my actions? And do I ever outright ask for his forgiveness for my behavior? Or do I ask for his help in improving my behavior?

I never fully commit to the act of repenting.  I have so simplified repentance that I have thought that acknowledging sin to myself would sufficiently help me learn from my ways- and create lasting change in my life.

Well no wonder I haven’t been successful in changing my sinful ways! I haven’t relied on God to help make the change!   It is only through reliance on God that I can bring this lasting change in my life.

Thank goodness for the unfailing love of God.

Friends and members of our Christ Church family have prepared these daily reflections as a means for you to consider how forgiveness informs your faith walk during this holy season. They are a richly diverse group from many different geographies around our nation and globe, formed by a wide variety of traditions.