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Pilgrimages & Retreats

Spiritual Pilgrimages and Retreats

Pilgrimages and retreats are a time away for renewal, prayer, fellowship, learning, and silence. These opportunities seek to create a sacred space where we can explore spiritual questions, and together discern how we live as disciples of Jesus in the 21st century. Past themes have included coping with restlessness in our lives, discovering one’s “True Self”, and leaving behind the baggage of the past. Pilgrimages and retreats invite us to speak from the heart and listen from the heart, both to each other and to the Holy Mystery.

Throughout the year, Christ Church members can choose to intentionally slow the pace of their lives and set aside a period for spiritual nurture and exploration through the pilgrimages and retreats offered. For more information on upcoming opportunities, contact the church office.

Upcoming Pilgrimages and Retreats

All are welcome.