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Welcoming Statement

Reconciling Ministries Welcoming Statement

The people of God called Christ Church endeavor to keep God at the center of existence. Above all things, God
is, and, as the name of our family suggests, we know God best through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus

All that we do and strive to become has its origins in the divine/human relationship. All are welcome at God’s
table, and so the hospitality we practice is of the most elemental kind. Hospitality is the active evangel of the
Christian faith. It is the means of the Good News of the gospel; for those who would receive it, no one is
excluded from God’s saving grace – no one. So all who come are welcomed to discover with us the life of faith as
shared through the witness of Christ. This dynamic hospitality is essential to all the endeavors of Christ Church.
Our doors are open, our arms are open, our hearts are open.

Since all are welcomed we wish to reflect the startling diversity of the human family. This includes the diversity
of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, faith history, economic status, marital status, physical and
mental ability, and education. It is an essential obligation and privilege in New York City, among the most
diverse cities of the world. We have the extraordinary opportunity to celebrate the great human variety
representative of God’s imagination.