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Gen XY Fellowship


Guess what? You are a member of Generation XY, the often overlooked generation between Baby Boomers and Millennials. But Don’t You Forget About Me! You probably listened to music on cassette tapes, listened to a Walk-Man, even made a mixed tape before moving on to that exciting new thing called CDs. Sound familiar?

Well if you have “aged” out of the 20s/30s group and want the companionship, camaraderie, and frequent connection of what that group provides, the GEN XY Fellowship is for you! Through a variety of ways, we are building community – finding out what we have been doing since young adulthood, what have we been through, what have we learned? And we will discover how best to support one another while turning the next page of life.

We will have retreats, social engagements, brunches, outings, etc, and we invite you to join us! They may consider us the “lost generation,” but our Rhythm Nation has a lot to offer the world – together!  Contact Chad Gurley at chad@christchurchnyc.org to get involved.