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Advent with the Psalms – Jessica Pinter

December 9th, 2018 by Jessica Pinter

Psalm 126:2-3

Restore our fortunes, O LORD,

like the torrents in the southern desert.

Those who sow in tears

shall reap rejoicing.

Since I’ve become a mother, Advent and Christmas time have been renewed for me.  All the magic is back! I’ve also sensed a deeper renewal of hope and love.  I want a bright future for my two boys as well as all children, and I know God does too.  Even as the world, our country, and our churches pass through these turbulent times, the emotions of my prayers reflect today’s psalm verses, “restore our fortunes, O LORD!”  Deep down, I do trust that God will lead us to something new, something better, but right now, it does seem we “sow in tears.”

I have faith that we will “reap rejoicing.”  Until then, I sense that God is calling me to partner with God in the birthing of ever-deeper hope and love.  These are the “torrents” our parched desert of a world desperately needs.

~ Jessica Pinter

Jessica Pinter