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Advent with the Psalms – Jacob Nelson

December 3rd, 2018 by Jake Nelson

Psalm 122:1

Let us go rejoicing to the house of the LORD!

The house, the community, and the gathering of God’s people are all known as a city of peace. God’s word comes forth in this place of peace, and it is this peace that we find ourselves drawing near. This is not a place of fear, or a place of harsh words, lies, or deceit. The city of peace, Jerusalem, is not a walled-in city that defends itself against outsiders, fiercely protecting all its borders.

This psalm is a song of arrival for someone who has been waiting for some time. And it’s also a song about gathering with God’s people for regular worship. Advent is a time of waiting.  In our waiting and longing, all people of the Lord come toward and arrive at this city, this community, and this house waiting for peace.

Prayer: God of peace, envelop all with the peace that only you can give. Amen.

~ Jacob Nelson

Jake Nelson