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Advent Reflection – Nineteenth Day of Advent

December 15th, 2016 by Heather Fetrow

To a Maid Engaged to Joseph

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Heather Fetrow

“Your child will be God’s child.”

I am about to become an aunt this April and I’ve started to wonder what I’d most like to offer my sister’s first child.  I hope to offer her peace, empathy, laughter, fun, opportunities to try new experiences, and the knowledge that she’s loved.  I hope I’ll help her see her unique strengths and explore the many options she has in the twenty-first century.  I hope we’ll have a bond that is loving and supportive and fills her heart with memories and dreams of the future.  I hope that she’s healthy, strong and able to take on the challenges of growing up and becoming herself.  I even hope that I might play some small role when she encounters challenges in stepping into her full potential.

This sounds fairly typical in our culture, but it is an extraordinary request in too many parts of our world.  While keeping an eye on the miracle of Mary’s angelic encounter, we can’t deny the hard truths of being granted God’s children.  Doesn’t every child deserve the things I want for my sister’s baby girl?  It’s a fairly big ask when you stop to think about it.  Is this shared responsibility to God’s child impossible or improbable?  Luckily, they’re not just ours, they are God’s too.

Prayer: God, Help me offer your love to one of your children today.  May he or she know a future that is filled with your grace.  Amen.



Heather Fetrow

Heather Fetrow is the Director of Parish Choir and the Children’s Choir at Christ Church.