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Advent Reflection – Eighteenth Day of Advent

December 14th, 2016 by Leslie Houseworth-Fields

Toda la Tierra (All Earth Is Waiting)

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The Rev. Leslie Houseworth-Fields

“All earth is waiting to see the promised one.”

I don’t like to wait. Like many of my fellow Millennials, I have largely known a world where everything one needs or wants can be obtained quickly. If I want the answer to a question, I ask Siri. If there’s a television show I want to watch, I find it On Demand. If I’m hungry, I go to Seamless. If there’s a book I’m interested in reading, I download the e-book and am reading it in moments. You get my drift.

With so much available at my fingertips, waiting has become increasingly difficult. Recently I was hoping to watch a television show, but my “On Demand” services were not working. “Call the cable company,” I asked (or demanded) of my husband. “Right now?” he replied. “It’s almost midnight.” I resigned myself to waiting until the next day to watch my particular show, but needless to say, I wasn’t happy about it.

Periodically I think back to a time when we didn’t have everything at our fingertips: movies on demand, high speed internet access, a variety of meals on the ready. What did we do? How did we make it? We waited.

In contrast to our modern sensibilities, “All Earth is Waiting” reminds us that some things worth having are absolutely worth waiting for. The coming of the Promised One tops the list.

We wait patiently and hopefully, but not idly. As a dear church mother once said, “While we wait, we serve.” We serve God. We serve our neighbors. And we love with everything we have.

Prayer: Loving God, increase my patience as I wait on you, and give me a heart to serve others. Amen.




Leslie Houseworth-Fields

Rev. Leslie Houseworth-Fields is Associate Minister at Christ Church.