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The Methodist Tradition

The People Called Methodists

Many newcomers ask us about the differences and similarities between the Methodist church and other Christian churches. Here are some aspects of the Methodist church that may answer some of your questions.

Methodists to this day find these means of grace to be essential. At Christ Church, you will find regular and plentiful opportunities to engage in these central practices of the Christian faith.

Where Did It All Begin?

Since Methodists are Christians, that means we trace our origins with Judaism. It’s important to remember these basic points:

The Early Church

There is much to the story of how Christianity took root, but here are some basic points on the timeline:

The Protestant Reformation

You’ve probably heard of Protestants, but what were the original Protestants protesting? The answer is that they had many concerns about the direction of the Church.

This Protestant Reformation ultimately led to Lutherans, Baptists, Huguenots, Presbyterians and other denominations.

Inevitably the Reformation moves to England . . . and eventually to America

Martin Luther emboldened many people, including King Henry VIII, who broke with the Roman Church (the great tale of marital intrigue is an oversimplification of the story) to form the Church of England, later also known as the Anglican Church or as the Episcopal Church in the United States. That was in the 1530s.

Skip ahead two centuries, and we’re finally ready to meet the Methodists.