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Easter Flowers and Music

Easter Flowers and Music

For our Easter services, it is our tradition at Christ Church to decorate our worship space with flowers and to have special festival music programs. If you would like to contribute to this seasonal celebration, please complete this form and return it no later than April 15th. You may also donate via check and send to the church office: 524 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065. Dedications will be listed in the worship bulletin on Easter.

From Dr. Steve Pilkington, Director of Music

Dear Friends and Followers of the Way:

While the days leading up to Christmas are probably the sweetest ones in our liturgical calendar, it is the dramatic narratives of Holy Week which lie at the heart of the Christian’s annual walk with Jesus. A bitter betrayal, a dramatic arrest, a brutal death on two slabs of woods thrust midair, and an electrifying revivification, these are the constituent elements that have inspired some of the greatest and most profound liturgies in the entire church year cycle. In order to mark these events in a meaningful and moving way, special music, flowers and branches, visual technology, actors and musicians, and even a catered meal on Holy Thursday are all conscripted in an attempt to bring these stirring stories to life. The value of eternal life is, of course, priceless; however, our strivings to tell of these events brings extra costs to our annual budget.

If you would like to participate in the production of these exceptional worship experiences, we invite you to contribute to our annual Music and Flowers fund by memorializing or honoring those persons who have graced your life with inspiration or joy. On Easter Sunday, each worship bulletin will contain a list of donors and honorees.

The staff looks forward to walking through these remarkable days with you for it is indeed, the greatest story ever told.

—Steve Pilkington, Director of Music
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